Might? We're gonna need to do a little better than 'might'.

point man

1. A soldier who is assigned to a position some distance ahead of a patrol as a lookout.
2. A man who has a crucial, often hazardous role in the forefront of an enterprise.

spec•i•fic•i•ty (ˌspɛs əˈfɪs ɪ ti)

1. the quality or state of being specific.

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Non, Je Ne Regrette Rein


The Forger

A freelance scratcher, Eames works on either side of the law, depending on the fee. You’ll never know where his loyalties lie, whether he’s telling you the truth, or even his real name, but damn if he isn’t the best man for the job.

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    OTP: Arthur & Eames

               ↳ Good morning, darling

    My muse is suffering from a high fever. What does your muse do?

    It’s okay to laugh at me. I love your laugh.

    My muse has been kidnapped for experimental ‘research.’ After months of searching, yours has finally found mine. How does your muse react to the condition mine is in?



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